Knowledge Books

General concepts and usability questions
GUI client
Questions specific to the Graphical User Interface Client
Visual Studio Client
Setting up and using the Visual Studio client
Windows Explorer Client
Using the Windows Explorer plug-in which is installed by default when installing the client on Windows.
Command Line Client
Command line client (pcm) questions
Web Client
Setting up and using the web client
Eclipse Plugin
Setting up and using the Eclipse Plug-In
SCC Client
Setting up and using the SCC Client
Projects View
Using the Projects View to manage your projects
Developer Workspace
General questions about working in a workspace
Information about generating standard and custom reports within PureCM
.Net API
Setting up and using the .NET API and triggers
Java API
Setting up and using the Java API and triggers
Installation and overview of the PureCM Proxy
Database Administration
Administrating the PureCM server database. These artcile will include how to backup the files, make snapshots, run repository checks, import and export the data.
Third Party Plug-Ins
Installation instructions and tips on using Third Party tools with PureCM
Windows Installation
Installation instructions and tips on the Windows platform
Linux Installation
Installation tips for Linux users
Mac Installation
Installing the PureCM Client and Server on Mac OS X
Solaris Installation
Information about installing PureCM on Solaris servers
PureCM Website
Information about the use of the PureCM Website
Additional SCM Resources
Links to external SCM websites.
Training Videos
Prerecorded online training video's. Learn about PureCM at your own convenience. Chapters include basic, intermediate and advanced User training modules as well as an Administrator module.