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1.2. Installing the Windows Plugin

You must first install the PureCM Client. This will install the 'Java SDK' and the 'Java Client' in 'C:\Program Files\PureCM\Client'. The Eclipse Plugin uses the Java Client to perform all PureCM operations.


Download the Eclipse Plug-In jar file which corresponds to the version of 'PureCM Client' installed. Copy this file into the Eclipse 'Plugins' directory (e.g. 'C:\Program Files\eclipse\plugins').


The Eclipse Plugin should now be installed. We recommend you intially run Eclipse with the --clean option to clear the cache. If the plugin is successfully installed then the Eclipse menubar should include 'PureCM'. If this is not the case then please email support@purecm.com for further advice.


You are now ready to integrate your project with PureCM.

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