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10.2. How do I view Shelvesets?

In the GUI, after creating a shelvset, 'My Shelvesets' should appear within the repository.

If you select this it will list all shelvesets belonging to you. You can double-click a shelveset to view the changes in the Shelveset Dialog. You can also right-click the shelveset and select 'Remove Ownership'. This will allow another user to 'Take Ownership' of the shelveset. Finally you can delete the shelveset. You can always delete your own shelvesets.

Alternatively, if you want to view other people's shelvesets navigate to the stream in the GUI and you will see 'Submitted Changesets' in the tree.

Expand this to reveal all shelevsets for this stream.

This will only be available if you have the 'View Current Changesets' policy enabled. You can double-click a shelveset to view the changes.

If you have the 'Changeset Administrator' policy enabled you are also able to 'Remove Ownership' and 'Delete' other people's shelvesets.

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