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15.6. Why does my renewal license appear 'Unused'?

The renewal license requires the original license to work. So you need to add your original (non-renewal) license back (I assume this has been deleted). If you do not have the details for your original license please email sales@purecm.com. This functionality is intentional so that users can only use a renewal license if they initially purchased a ‘full’ license.

Alternatively the renewal licenses will appear as 'unused' if the support period has not yet started. So say you have some licenses for the 2008/2 release. From July 2008 you will receive the prompt that your licenses will expire on 30th September 2008. If you purchase the renewal licenses they will appear as unused until October 2008/2 - at which time the existing licenses will appear as expired.

Note that the expiry message will continue to appear until you check the 'Don't Show Again' checkbox. If you check the 'Don't Show Again' checkbox the message will appear the next time your licenses are expiring (July 2009).

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