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3.5. Importing, Exporting and organising Streams using .Net or Java API.

Using either PureCM's .net or java API, it is possible to write your own code to export data from a third party system, and import into a PureCM repository.

In our Examples (see the  Examples.zip link), for both java and .net, there is an ExportImport example. This example recreates an existing stream in the same PureCM repository. By using this code as a starting point you could alter the export part to work with a third party system.

So to use the .net example, create a C# Console Application in Visual Studio, add a reference to PureCM.Client and copy the C# files from the ExportImport example, into your project.


Alternatively, it is also possible to export an existing stream from a PureCM repository and import to another system. Alter the import part of the ExportImport example to import to your destination system.


This example is also a good starting point for writing some code to re-organise your existing PureCM repositories and streams.


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