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1.3. Installing the Linux plugin

You must first install the PureCM Client for your Operating System.  You can download this from the Downloads page.  The PureCM Client installer (whether RPM or Debian package) installs the necessary PureCM libraries and the PureCM SDK.  The Eclipse plugin needs these Lbraries in order to load.

Download the Eclipse Plug-In jar file which corresponds to the version of 'PureCM Client' installed. Copy this file into the Eclipse 'plugins' directory within your copy of Eclipse (e.g. /home/developer/eclipse/plugins/).

The Eclipse Plugin should now be installed. We recommend you intially run Eclipse with the --clean option to clear the cache. If the plugin is successfully installed then the Eclipse menubar should include 'PureCM'. If this is not the case then please email support@purecm.com for further advice. 

You are now ready to integrate your project with PureCM.

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