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1.2. Login to access downloads, white papers and 'My Account'

Our aim is to give you access to all the present and future areas of the website with the same user name and password. Your user name will always be your email address you have used for your registration. Currently, you can log in on the PureCM website using the sign in button, which appears on the top right of each page.



This brings up the Login page. Alternatively you will automatically be redirected to the Login page if you are trying to get any protected content such as file downloads without being logged in.


Insert your email address and your password to login. If you do not remember your password, use the ‘Forgotten Password' button to reset your password. This will be sent to your email account.
You can see that you have been successfully logged in if the ‘Login/Register' button changes to ‘My Account', and your name appears next to it.

Click on ‘My Account' to see and manage your account details.

As you are logged in now, you can access all content on the PureCM website except for support tickets, which require an additional login explained on the next page.

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