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3.3. How do I create a snapshot?

You can create a snapshot using the 'pcm admin make-snapshots' command (type 'pcm help admin make-snapshots' for details).

Alternatively, if you have Python installed on the server machine you can call MakeDatabaseSnaphots() within the server script file. The 'Scripts' tree item will appear in the GUI if you have the 'Scripts Administration' policy enabled. If you wanted to make a snapshot everyday at 3:00am the script would contain:

def( OnEveryHour(hour):

    if hour == 3:

        MakeDatabaseSnapshots( )


The snapshot will be created in the 'Snapshots' directory in the same place as your 'Data' directory (e.g. C:\PureCM\Snapshots).

You can specify the number of snapshots which will be created using the 'Retained Snapshots' policy. So for example if this is set to 5 then the last 5 days will be stored. When creating the snapshot on the 6th day the 1st snapshot will be deleted.

The 'Retained Snapshots' policy will be included in the 'Default Policyset'. The initial value is 10. You can modify this by going to the 'Policy Admin' tree item in the GUI.

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