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1.4. Website account FAQs

  1. My company has changed the name since I first registered and I would like to use my new email address now. How can I do this?
    Unfortunately, you are not able to change your email address of an existing account. Please create a new account with your new email address and inform us about that you would like to deactivate your old account sending an email to sales@purecm.com.

  2. Why does my personal information (e.g name and first name) not appear in ‘My Account’?
    This is most likely due to the reason that your account was created before we started capturing this information with the website relaunch. Please complete your details and click on ‘Update’.

  3. How can I change my password for my existing account?
    Just log in with your old password and go to ‘My Account’ if you are not automatically redirected to this page. Then enter your new password, confirm it and click on ‘Update’.

  4. I have forgotten my password. Can I get it from you?
    For security reasons, we cannot see your password. If you forget your password, you have to use the ‘Forgotten Password’ function on the login page to reset your password. Use the password that will be sent to your email account to login. You can then change the password again on the ‘My Account’ page.
    Please make sure that PureCM is white listed with your spam filter to make sure that the email containing your reset password passes to your mailbox.

  5. Can I use my account details for purchases as well?
    Not necessarily. We are currently using an external partner (element 5) to process payments. Element 5 cannot synchronise the account information with us, which is why you are required to register separately with them for a purchase. You can choose the same email and password for both accounts, but they remain separated until we are able to link them.

  6. Who can give me some information if I have problems with my account?
    Just contact us at support@purecm.com, indicating your email address you used to register on the PureCM website. Ideally, this is the same as the one you are using to contact us.

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