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5.12. 'Enable Baseless Merges' Option

When merging one or more changesets within a workspace one of the options is to 'Enable Baseless Merges'.


'Enable Baseless Merges' is a workaround for the situation where the same file has been added in 2 streams without a merge. So for example, in stream Version1 a developer adds the file File1.txt and submits the add. To get the file into Version2 a user should merge the submitted changeset. However, suppose the developer does not know how PureCM works and wants the file in Version2. The developer copies the file from the Version1 workspace into the Version2 workspace and submits it as a file add. As far as PureCM is concerned these files are completely unrelated - they just happen to share the same name. The developer then submits an edit to the file in Version1 and wants to merge this edit into Version2. Attempting to merge this edit will error with the message:

This is correct because PureCM is saying that it can't merge an edit to a file which has not been added. In order to resolve this issue a developer needs to tell PureCM that file.txt in Version1 is related to file1.txt in Version2.

To do this you must merge the original changeset which added file1.txt into a Version2 workspace and check the 'Enable Baseless Merge' option. This will then bring up the Resolve tool allowing you to select the Version1 revision or Version2 revision. After this merge has been submitted in Version2 PureCM knows that the files are related and you can merge the edit changeset without any problems.

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