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5.13. 'Attempt to Merge Non-Consecutive Revisions' Option

When merging one or more changesets within a workspace one of the options is to 'Attempt to merge non-consecutive revisions'.

This option applies when you are trying to merge multiple changesets, which includes two revisions of a file which are not consecutive. This option is not applicable if you are merging an individual changeset, all changesets, or consecutive changesets.

For example, you submit the add of file1.txt in change1, you submit an edit to file1.txt in change2, and another edit to file1.txt in change3. Within a workspace you then try and merge change1 and change3 into a child stream. Without this option checked the merge will fail with warning W0143.

If the edits in change2 and change3 are on different lines and the 'merge non-consecutive revisions' option is checked then the merge will succeed. PureCM will automatically merge the two changesets and allow you to resolve this merge with your local version of the file in the Resolve tool. If the edits in change2 and change3 are on the same line then merge will still fail with W0143. In this case you need to merge change1 and change3 as separate changesets.

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