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5.14. 'Allow Merge Conflicts in Base' Option

When merging one or more changesets within a workspace one of the options is to 'Allow merge conflicts in base'.

This option relates to merging non-consecutive revisions. As an example suppose you are merging non-consecutive revisions. You add file1.txt in change1 and edit the same line in change2 and change3. You tick the 'Attempt to merge non-consecutive revisions' option and attempt to merge change1 and change3. This will fail with W0143 as described in the non-consecutive revisions article.

However, if you tick the 'Allow merge conflicts in base' option the merge will succeed. If this option is checked then PureCM will use the change3 version of file1.txt as the server file in the Resolve Tool. This may not be what you want, because you have effectively merged the change2 edit.

Note that we do not recommend merging non-consecutive changes. We believe it is better to keep merging simple. If possible you should therefore merge individual changes using Quick Merge.

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