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5.6. What is 'Quick Merge'?

Quick Merge allows you to merge changesets from one stream to another in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

Prior to 2009/1, Quick Merge will only work if the base of all files is the same in both streams. For example suppose you have streams Version1 and Version2 with the same version of file1.txt. Within Version1 you submit an edit to file1.txt in change1 and edit it again in change2. You will be able to Quick Merge change1 because file1.txt is the same in Version2 and the base of change1. You will not be able to Quick Merge change2 because file1.txt is different in Version2 and the base of change2 (it will have the change1 edit in the base of change2). The Quick Merge will fail with warning W0213:


You will be able to Quick Merge change1 and change2 together because Quick Merge will merge each change in chronological order when selecting multiple changes.

Prior to 2009/1, if the bases of a file do not match then you will need to perform a Workspace Merge.

There are 2 ways of performing Quick Merge using the GUI. The first way is to list the submitted changes for the source stream (the stream you are merging from). You can then select the changesets you want to merge and right-click 'Merge Changes To'.

This will launch the Stream Selection Dialog allowing you to select the stream you want to merge the changesets into.


After selecting the destination stream you will recieve the N0001 notification message for each changeset which was successfully merged.

For each changeset which was not successfully merged you will recieve the W0213 warning and the merge will fail.

You can also Quick Merge by right-clicking the destination stream (the stream you want to merge into) and select 'Merge Changes'. This will launch a wizard asking you to select the source stream (the stream you want to merge from) and check any changes you want to merge.

Note that you can view the changeset by double-clicking on it. This will launch the changeset dialog showing the adds, edits, deletes, etc.


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