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5.7. What is 'Workspace Merge'?

Workspace Merge might be preferable because you update a workspace first and then submit the merge. So it gives you the chance to check the merge compiles, passes any automated tests and make any necessary changes before submitting.

To perform a workspace merge you need to right-click a workspace for the stream you want to merge into and select 'Merge Changes'. This will launch the Merge Wizard where you will first select the source stream (the stream you are merging from).

After selecting the source stream you will be asked whether you want to merge all changesets, selected changesets or to remerge selected changesets.

If you select to 'Merge All Changesets' and press Finish all changesets from the source stream will be merged into the workspace as a single changeset. If you select to 'Merge Selected Changesets' you will be presented with a list of changesets.

The list of changesets will not include changesets which have already been merged - PureCM keeps track of what has been merged where. You can double-click a changeset to open it's Changeset Dialog. Tick the changesets you want to merge and press Finish.

After pressing Finish all merged files will be checked out in the selected workspace. When you are satisfied with the merge you can submit it the same as any other changeset.

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