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5.4. tdbutil resetpolicies

The 'tdbutil resetpolicies' command will reset the policies so everyone has all the administration policies enabled. All your existing policy settings will be deleted. This should only be used as a last resort if you get yourself into a mess with policies (e.g. you delete the only user/group where the 'Policy Administration' policy is enabled).

To run this command you must first stop the PureCM Server (e.g. stop the 'PureCM Service' service on Windows). It is then recommended that you take a backup of the C:\PureCM\Data directory.

Open a command prompt and type: 'tdbutil resetpolcies [server_database]' (e.g. 'tdbutil resetpolicies C:\PureCM\Data\server').

Before you start the server you need to remove the C:\PureCM\Logs directory. The database has changed and the logs apply to the old database - so the logs are invalid.

You are now ready to start the PureCM Server again and change the policies.

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