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5.1. Loading/Saving Include/Exclude Filters

Often the files you want to include/exclude for adding is different depending on the workspace you are working on. For example, when working on a C++ project you might only want to include *.cpp and *.h files. But when you do some work on your website you might want to include all *.html, *.xml, etc. files. Having to redo these filters can be a time consuming task when the filters are complex, and as such many users stopped using the 'Check Consistency Wizard' for added files (or would only run it when they knew they had added some files).

In such situations it is common for Developer1 to forget he added file1.txt on Friday when he submits the work on Monday. Developer2 then gets frustrated when the build fails and Developer1 has to submit a new changeset 'Add missing files'. This also complicated the merge because the merger must remember to merge the 2 changesets together. The situation is even worst for web developers where a missing file might go unnoticed for weeks - until a customer spots it in the website. By this time the file might have been deleted!

The 2008/3 PureCM Release addresses this problem by allowing users to save and load file filters.

When the 'New Files' checkbox is checked on the Check Consistency Wizard, the 'Include/Exclude' filters button will appear.

Pressing this button will launch a Property Sheet allowing you to Add, Update and Delete filters for Include or Exclude. When you are happy with your filters you can save them by pressing the 'Save Filters' button.

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