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9.5. How do I add a component?

To add a component you first need to open the 'Manage Component. dialog and select 'Create Component'.


Manage Component 1


This will open up the 'Create Component Wizard'. On the first page you will need to select a folder to become linked with another folder inside your repository. You can either create a new folder to become the link or select an existing folder.


Create Component Dst Page 


If you create a new folder you will need to select the new folders parent in the tree and press the 'Create Folder' button. This will prompt you for a name of the new folder. (note: you can create multiple levels of folders to place the component into.)

If you select an existing folder all current files and folders inside it will be deleted. This can be useful if you want to make a folder into a component which used to be manually copied or merged. If files exist that are in the new component they will keep all previous history after the component has been made.

Once the destination for the new component has been selected you need to select the folder which will be linked to this new folder. You can either select the root folder of a stream by selecting the stream or you can select the subfolder of a stream.


Create Component Src Page 


If the component is successfully created a new changeset will be added to the stream for users to download the new files and the component will be added to the 'Manage Components' dialog.


Manage Component 2

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