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9.7. How can I stop my component receiving updates?

If you want to finalise a release so that it is no longer changed or you simply want to lock a component at a set point you can break the link between the two folders in the component. Breaking the link means you can modify the files at one side of the component without changing other streams using the same shared code.


To do this you need to open the manage component dialog, select the component you wish modify and press delete component.


 Manage Component Delete


This will open a dialog to confirm the component delete. This dialog will also include a check box asking if you wish to delete the folder from the current stream. To break the component link you need to make sure that this is not checked.


 Confirm Delete Prompt


This will then delete the component record and it will no longer be listed in the manage component dialog. However the files will be left in both streams as a direct copy of each other at the time the component was broken. You can then change or modify the files without changing the files it used to be linked too.


However this is not always the best way of managing releases as you can no longer tell which version of the shared library the new release is using. For an alternative to this see 'Managing Component Releases with streams'.

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