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9.3. Manage Components Dialog

The Manage Component Dialog is the easiest way to view and modify components on a specific stream.

You can open the manage component dialog by right clicking on a stream and selecting 'Manage' from the 'Components' sub menu.


Manage Component Menu


This will open the manage component dialog as either a tab or a window (depending on your choice in the main options menu)


Manage Component Dialog


This will show you a list of all of the current components in this stream. The example above shows a component in the folder 'Lib1' which is linked to the root folder of the Shared Libraries/Releases/Lib1 v1' stream. Each component can be expanded to show a tree view of the components that this folder links to. For more information on this see the 'Expanding component items while Managing Components'.


You also get 3 options in the toolbar.

Add Component will let you add a new component to this stream. For more information see the 'How do I add a new component?' article.

Delete Component will let you delete the selected component.  This can either completely remove the the component link and the files in this stream or it can be used to break the link between the two folders.

Update Component will let you change which folder the current component folder is linked to. For more information see the 'How do I update a component?' article'.

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