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9.10. Managing Component Releases with Streams

Simply creating a development stream for your library and including it into all of your projects is the quickest way to get working with components. This would mean that all projects always had the latest version of the library and when you create release streams for your projects you would simply need to break the component links to stop the release stream receiving any more updates.


However in some working patterns such as parallel development this is not always the best as you may not want all of your projects to use the same version of the library, but also may not want to break the component links as any bugs found would still need to be fixed in the older version of the library.


This can be managed by creating a system of library releases. This can work very well for third party libraries which are updated as their developer releases new versions. Each time a new version is released you can create a new release stream for that version. Any projects that you wish to use the latest changes can be updated to point at the new release stream.


This gives you a number of advantages.


To further aid the control of which streams are able to be made into a component you can set the Create Component From permission only for a Release folder which you set up. This way only releases will be able to be made into components.

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