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9.4. Expanding component items while Managing Components

The manage component dialog provides a list of all component links that directly access the selected stream. However each component item can also be expanded to show which components that folder is linked with.


Manage Component


The example above shows the component links for the 'Release/1.8.2' stream. There is only one component in this stream, the folder 'Lib1' is linked with the root folder of the stream 'Shared Libraries/Releases/Lib1 v1'. When you expand this top level node you are given a child node that represents this link. This node represents the folder that the top level component is linked to.

This folder (the root of the stream 'Shared Libraries/Releases/Lib1 v1') is linked to two more folders. These links are to the 'Lib1' folder in the 'Release/1.8.1' and the 'Release/1.8.0' streams. This is demonstrated when you expand this node (as shown in the picture above) by two child nodes.


The first major advantage this gives is it allows you to see which other folders are linked to your folder and what component links are used to achieve this.


Component Links


In the example above the main stream has two components pointing at the same stream 'Shared Libraries/Releases/Lib1 v1'. The first points to the folder 'Folder2' and the second points to the folder 'Folder2/Folder3' which is a subfolder of the first component. When the links are expanded we see how these links are visualised.

This component is linked to 'Folder2' inside the 'Shared Libraries/Releases/Lib1 v1' stream, which in turn is linked to four other folders.

Three of these are the components shown earlier which all link to the root of the 'Shared Libraries/Releases/Lib1 v1' stream. As these components are greater than the link (that it is linked with more that just the folder of the component we are viewing) it is given a green component icon.

The other component link is to the second component in the 'Development/Main' stream which is linked to a subfolder of this component. As this component is less than the link (that it is only a part of the component folder we are looking at) is it given a yellow component icon.

All exact links are given blue icons.


The second advantage the links give you is that you can modify linked components without having to open the component dialog for their stream. A way this can be very useful is updating components to use a new version of a library from the component dialog of the old version. This makes it a lot quicker as all of the components linked to the old library can be viewed in one place.

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