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9.9. Setting up component permissions

There are two Stream Security permissions which control the access to components inside PureCM. These can be configured either from the Global Properties found on the connection node or from individual stream, stream folder or repository properties.


Component Permissions 1


Component Permissions 2


Create Component From

The 'Create Component From' permission allows users to create a link to this stream from another stream. This can be used to control not only who can make components but which streams can be used to create components. For example this can be used to ensure that only release streams are used as components. For more detail on how this can help your work flow see Managing Component Releases with Streams.


Modify Components

The 'Modify Components' permission gives users the right to add, update and delete components on this stream. This permission also control who has access to the manage components dialog.


For a user to add a component they will need the 'Modify Components' permission for the stream they are adding the component to and the 'Create Component From' permission for the stream they are creating the link to.

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