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1.1. Proxy Concepts

Example network diagram

In the diagram above, you'll see a fictional network diagram of a company with three locations (Head Office, London and New York).  The company has a Wide Area Network (WAN) between the locations which allows network traffic but probably isn't high bandwidth.  Although PureCM can work perfectly well in this configuration with a single central server, as the size of the data stored increases, the time that a user has to wait to get a new workspace can be significant.

The idea of the PureCM Proxy is to have a local cache in each remote location which holds copies of file revisions (transmitting the file revisions will normally take 90%+ of the time to create a new workspace).  It acts as a transparent proxy in that the users will probably not be aware that they're using it.

In terms of performance improvement, internal testing indicates that creating a workspace with roughly 1 Gigabyte of content can be done in around ten minutes with the Proxy.  Creating the same workspace without the proxy takes roughly two hours.  This testing was performed across a VPN connection via 8 Megabit DSL.

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