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9.11. Quickly updating your projects to use a new library

When a later version of a software library has been released you can update each project in turn by navigating to their own stream and updating these components individually.


However when lots of components need to be updated it can often be quicker to update these components from the old version of the library.


Manage Components 1


In the example we want to update the component 'Lib1' in the three release streams '1.8.0', '1.8.1' and '1.8.2' to use a new version of the library. By expanding one of these components we can see the three folders we want to update. By selecting these here rather than the top level component we can update each one of them to point at the new library.

Select each one in turn and press update component and select the new library location.


Update component


Selecting the component you are looking at last will stop you having to reselect a different component after the update has removed the link.

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