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11.1. What is the Filterbar?



The Filterbar allows you to filter many of the lists inside PureCM to make it easier for you to find items or view data.  By default the filterbar will filter all columns in the list by the text that you enter into the control.  If you want to filter by a specific column you need to select it from the drop down menu.


Filterbar Menu


However some lists have more advanced filters to help you find what you are looking for. You can also select these filters from the drop down menu on the filterbar.

My Issues and Issue Views

Issue views have an extra filter called 'All Fields'. This filter does not search the list but will search the issues themselves. It will compare the text entered into the filterbar against every field your issues. This filter can be slow as it has to filter a lot of information but can be very helpful for finding specific issues.


Changeset Lists

All changeset lists (including Integrated Changes, Shelvesets, Submitted Changes etc) give an extra filter called 'Full Description'. This filter does not search any of the list columns but filters on the description of the changeset. This is different that the 'Description' field as this only shows a short description.

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