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2.3. Automatic Proxy Referrals

Starting with release 2008/3, there is a way to automatically 'refer' PureCM clients to the correct Proxy for their location. This is done through 'Policy Admin' when logged in as an administrative user. As per the images below.


Pressing the 'New' button should produce...

You should then see the default, example value set for this policy...

The example value is :-


Note that the '#' character means that the rest of the line is treated as a comment so this won't actually be used. A realistic setup for the example network diagram below would be :-;;

The meaning of this (admittedly cryptic) string is :-

This process should be invisible to the user who should be able to create a connection to 'purecm.us.com' and be referred to the correct proxy (even when they're in a different Office than normal).


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