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11.8. How to restore the default file types

It is possible to import the default PureCM file types again..

When installing the server you will have also installed the database utility tool 'tdbutil' (e.g. 'C:\Program Files\PureCM\Server\tdbutil.exe'). This has an export/import facility...

- First of all stop the PureCM service.

- Make a backup of the C:\PureCM\data folder - incase of any problems.

If you just want to install the default file types again (overwiriting any current ones) you can import the file 'server@mime.xml' located in C:\PureCM\templates. ie..

- tdbutil import c:\PureCM\templates\server@mime.xml c:\PureCM\data\server

If you want to keep your existing file types, and add the default ones, then you need to export the MIME table from your server database, to an xml file, manually merge the file types from 'server@mime.xml', and then import the merged file. ie..

- tdbutil export c:\PureCM\data\server c:\PureCM\temp.xml --table="MIME" --indent

- merge the file types from 'server@mime.xml' into this file.

- tdbutil import c:\PureCM\temp.xml c:\PureCM\data\server

- restart the PureCM service.

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