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2.4. Import a Visual SourceSafe database

Path to srcsafe.ini : This is the full path to the srcsafe.ini file in your SourceSafe installation.

Username : The name of the user you wish to use to log on to SourceSafe with. 

Password : The user's password

SourceSafePath : The location within Sourcesafe of your database.

Base Stream Name : Force the name of the base stream to be what you want.

Create Streams for Labels : Do you want to create a new stream for each SourceSafe label that is found?

Assume Shares may be branches : By making this assumption streams will be created for the 'Shares' found.

Check Streams for pinned and shared files : With this set to 'Yes', the pinned version of a file (SourceSafe's way of marking versions as the stable one) is handled as are shared files.

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