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3.4. How do I restore a Snapshot

To restore a database snapshot you will need to use the 'tdbutil' utility which will have been installed with the server (typically 'Program Files\PureCM\Server').

  • Open a command prompt in the server executables directory.
  • Type 'tdbutil import <snapshot> <database>'. For example if you have a repository called 'Test1'. The snapshot file will be called 'r_Test1_1.xml.gz'. In this instance you would type 'tdbutil import r_Test1.xml.gz r_Test1'. This will create the corresponding r_Test1.tdf, r_Test1.tbf, r_Test1.tlf and r_Test1.tpf files. These files should then be copied into the PureCM data directory (typically PureCM\data).

Note : You will need to remove the old log files before restarting your PureCM server -Delete C:\PureCM\logs directory, and all C:\PureCM\data\*.tlf and *.tpf files.

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