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1.1. Getting Started with the PureCM GUI client

From PureCM 2009-1 onwards, the GUI has seen a redesign compared to previous releases. This page will explain first time users how to get started with PureCM.

How to populate your repository

How to navigate the PureCM GUI

PureCM’s GUI views are repository centric, which means that you can efficiently navigate your repository depending on your role. Here is a quick description of each view:

This is where you are now. Once you have created your first workspace, the “Getting Started” screen will be replaced with a summary of your workspaces.
This is the view of your repository managed by the PureCM server. Create projects and browse their content, branch off new versions, define feature branches, take release snapshots and access a project's change history.
PureCM Professional only. Use this view to define “Merge Rules” to automate merging between branches of the same project. Note that PureCM automatically creates merge rules when working with 'Features' in PureCM Professional.
PureCM Professional only. Reports can be based both on changes made and based on tasks. Use them to automate your release note creation or to get insight into your project status. Only
Originally called “Explorer” in previous PureCM releases, this view gives you all: repository overview, permissions, user and user group administration, server administration and more. Only users with at least one administrative policy enabled will see this view.

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