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1.4. Troubleshooting

Cruise Control.Net Log File

If you are having problems running the CruiseControl.Net service the first place you should look is the 'ccnet.log' file located in the server directory (typically 'C:\Program Files\CruiseControl.NET\server').

This file logs all of the operations of cruise control as well as logging all of the PureCM operations. For full log details you will need to make sure cruise control is configured to display DEBUG information. You can do this by stopping the service and loading the 'ccnet.exe.config' file. You need to set the <level> elements value to equal DEBUG as shown below.

The full list of supported values are DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR and OFF.



        <level value="DEBUG"/>

        <appender-ref ref="Console"/>

        <appender-ref ref="RollingFileAppender"/>


If this log file does not give you any indication of what the problem is please email it together with a detailed description of the problem to support@purecm.com.

Make sure PureCM is on the Path

The cruise control service needs to access the PureCM libraries located in the PureCM Client install location (typically 'C:\Program Files\PureCM\Client'). Often any problems related to Cruise Control not being able to find PureCM libraries is because the PureCM Client Directory needs to be added to the global list of directories. This can be found in System Properties - Advanced - Environment Variables.

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