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5.2. Merging Perspective

The new Merging Perspective provides a central location where users can easily see which changesets have been merged between streams as well being able to carry out required merges. From here users can create new merge paths and see all existing ones. The 'Merge Path Administration' policy is required for users to use merge paths.

Merge Paths

The 'My Pending Merges' shows only the pending merges that were submited by the current user. This facility does not require the 'Merge Path Administration' policy to be set. The pending changesets can be merged from here by right clicking and selecting 'Merge Changes'.

'All Pending Merges' is a convenient way for all of the pending merges for all paths to be accessible from one place. Again the pending changesets can be merged from here.

You can choose to perform one off merges form the Merging perspective by clicking the 'Launch Merge Wizard button'.  This launches the Merge Wizard, allowing the source and destination streams to be selected.

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