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5.1. How do I merge changesets from one stream to another

There are several available approaches to merging between streams with PureCM. The Merging Perspective is a central location where users can quickly perform merging tasks between all streams. Here you can also create Merge Paths to automate the merging process.

Previous versions of the tool had a concept of 'Quick merging'. This enabled direct stream merging, but only if the base of all files was the same in both streams. Now, this concept has been expanded, and conflicting merges are now handled using the 'Resolve' tool.

If you prefer to test any changes prior to merging to a stream, then Workspace Merging provides this capability. Workspace Merge requires a workspace for the stream you are merging into. In this case you select the changesets you want to merge and this applies the changes to 'My Changes'. You then submit the changes the same as any other changeset. An advantage with this method is you can merge multiple changesets as one changeset - if this is important. The obvious disadvantage is that it requires a workspace for the destination stream and involves more work.

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