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5.3. Merge Rules

Merge Rules allow for the organisation and automation of merging between many streams. Each consists of a source stream, a destination stream and some options about automation. 

A merge rule is made up of 4 nodes:

Merged Changesets – Here you can see which changes have been merged from the source stream to the destination stream.

Pending Changesets – Changes that have failed the quick merge process will end up here, allowing you to carry out a full merge, resolving any conflicts. Changesets can be moved here directly, from ‘Unchanged Changesets’ or all changesets could be moved here for certain types of merge rules. There's an option that forces all changes to become pending for the rule. So for example if you have created a child stream and you know you want all the changes that will be submitted to the parent then it makes sense to make all the changesets pending.

Unmerged Changesets – All changes that have been submitted to the source stream, but have not yet been merged to the destination stream are shown here, with functionality to carry out the merge, move to pending, or move to excluded.

Excluded Changesets – When a changeset should not be merged to the destination stream, it can be placed here, helping other users to avoid performing unwanted merges.

Creating the Merge Rule..


Automatic merging optionally takes place when changes are submitted to a stream. So for example, if multiple feature streams exist that are based on one ‘main’ stream, and it is important that these streams are kept up to date with Main, then a merge rule could be created for each of these (in fact such a merge rule is created automatically when creating a 'feature' in PureCM Professional 2010-1 and newer).

This would result in the submitted changes being merged to the other streams at the time of the submit. If the quick merge fails due to conflicts, the changesets would then appear under the Merge Path node as a pending change. Select the 'Make submitted changesets pending' option to force submits to go directly to 'pending' instead of trying to merge them.

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