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15.5. How can I specify a user as a Non-Developer?

A user is a Non-Developer if they have the 'View My Changesets' policy disabled.

The best way to achieve this is to set up a PureCM group for non-developers.

Create a group for Non-Developers

Once you have created the new group you need to add to it any users you wish to be non-developers.

Next create a policyset for the Non-Developer users.

Make the policyset for all repositories

This should be over all repositories.

Make this policyset for the Non-Developer group

Set this new policyset to appy to the new Non-Developer group.

Give a name to the policyset 

Open this new policyset once it is created. In the policies tab click new and select 'View My Changesets' and click OK. Double click the new policy to change its value and set it to false from the menu.

Set the policy to false

Now all users you add to this group will take a Non-Developer licence if there is one avaliable.


Remeber to check that 'View My Changesets' is not included in the default policyset. This defaults to true and so does not need to be set for normal users.

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