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2.1. What is OnTime?

OnTime is a project management suite developed by Axosoft. It's used for bug tracking, scrum process automation, requirements management, project visibility, a wiki, and a help desk.

Why not just use the PureCM Issue Tracking functionality?

The PureCM Issue Tracking functionality is good for development teams raising bugs/enhancements, assigning these to developers, submitting against these issues with a review, and keeping the association between the issue and the changeset.

So PureCM issues are good within the development process, but it is often not the developers who are raising bugs/issues. There might be a separate help desk who are responsible for raising the bugs/enhancements reported by customers. Or some companies might want to give customers a portal where they can raise bugs/enhancements which get fed straight into the system.

Obviously help desk workers or customers do not want to use the PureCM GUI to raise issues. One option would be to update your website to allow peole to create PureCM issues using the PureCM .Net or Java APIs. But if you want an out of the box solution then OnTime is a good choice.

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