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2.2. What is the PureCM OnTime Bridge?

The PureCM OnTime Bridge is a Windows Service which periodically synchronises OnTime defects, enhancements, and incidents with PureCM issues. So when a defect is assigned to a developer, a PureCM issue is automatically created. When the developer submits his/her work associating the PureCM issue, the OnTime defect is automatically updated.

OnTime defects, enhancements and incidents are all handled the same way but I will only refer to the defect.

You configure the OnTime Bridge to specify when the PureCM issue is created for a corresponding OnTime defect. You also configure when the OnTime defect is updated following an action on the PureCM issue.


And the OnTime Bridge will also update the PureCM issue if the defect is updated.

The examples above illustrate the most simple case. You can configure OnTime to have many more states before the PureCM issue is created and after it is completed. Similarly you can configure PureCM to have many more states between being created and completed.

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