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2.3. Installing the OnTime Bridge

To install the OnTime Bridge you need to download the MSI from the PureCM website.

After agreeing to the license agreement the installer will ask you where you want to put the files. This will default to 'C:\Program Files\PureCM\OnTime Bridge'.

You then need to click 'Install' to install the files.

After installation you will notice that the 'Start | All Programs | PureCM OnTime Bridge' folder has been created. This will contain 3 entries:

After you are happy the OnTime Bridge is working correctly in the test environment you should close the command prompt and start the PureCM OnTime Bridge windows service. You will see that the installer has installed the 'PureCM OnTime Bridge' service but it is not started. Any warning/errors will be shows in the event viewer when running the service.


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