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2.6. Testing the OnTime Bridge

You can test the OnTime Bridge by selecting 'All Programs | PureCM OnTime Bridge | Test OnTime Bridge' from the start menu.


This will launch a command prompt and run the OnTime Bridge. The advantage of running it in the console window is that all information/warning/error messages will be displayed.

We recommend that you begin by putting the LogInfo level to 'info'. When you have fully configured the OnTime Bridge without any warnings or errors we then recommend you set the LogLevel to 'warning' and start the 'OnTime Bridge' windows service.

On Vista it may be necessary to open a Command Prompt as Administrator due to permissions. Simply cd to the install directory ('C:\Program Files\PureCM\OnTime Bridge') and run 'PCMOnTimeBridge.exe'. This will mirror what the Test start menu operation performs.

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