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2.4. Setting Up PureCM and OnTime

After installing the PureCM OnTime Bridge you will need to setup OnTime and PureCM before configuring the OnTime Bridge.

Ensure you have installed the OnTime 2008 SDK. The OnTime Bridge uses these web services. 

Within OnTime you need to create a CustomField to store the PureCM Issue Reference. You do this by selecting the 'Tools | Manage | Custom Fields' menu within OnTime. Go to the Defects tab (and/or Features and Incidents if you want to synchronise these). Add a new Custom Field giving it a name like 'PCMREF'. You will need to remember the name of this Custom Field so you can specify it in the OnTime Bridge configuration file.

If you are already using PureCM issues then you will need to go the Issue Type and create a new text field which will store the OnTime reference calling it something like 'OTREF'. Again you will need to remember the name of this for the OnTime Bridge configuration file.

If you have not used PureCM issues before then you have a choice. You can either add a new issue type from the templates provided and create the new field as discussed above. You will notice that the templates provided by PureCM include a simple/complex workflow (depending on which template you choose) which will include reviews/etc. If this is what you want then carry on.

Alternatively I have attached a new template which you could use. The purpose of the attached template is that it provides the absolute minimum workflow required for the PureCM issue. The PureCM issue is 'Created' (where it is being worked on by a developer), 'Completed' (where the developer has submitted the change) or 'Rejected' (where the developer could not complete the task).

If you are just starting out then I recommend you use the attached template initially and configure the OnTime Bridge to get it all working. Then when it is all working you can expand the workflow to your liking.

To use the attached template you should download the zip file into your 'C:\PureCM\Templates' directory. Within PureCM when you create a new Issue Type 'OnTime' should appear in the list of available templates.


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