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5.3. tdbutil rcheck and rfix

The 'tdbutil rcheck' command will check a repository database for any inconsistencies. To run this command you must first stop the PureCM Server (e.g. stop the 'PureCM Service' service on Windows). It is then recommended that you take a backup of the C:\PureCM\Data directory.

Open a command prompt and type: 'tdbutil rcheck [repos_database] [server_database]' (e.g. 'tdbutil rcheck C:\PureCM\Data\r_Example C:\PureCM\Data\server').

If the rcheck records any errors then we recommend that you email support@purecm.com with the details. You can fix many errors by running 'tdbutil rfix' with the same parameters. After running rfix you need to remove the C:\PureCM\Logs directory. The database has changed and the logs apply to the old database - so the logs are invalid.

'tdbutil rfix' supports the following flags:

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