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4.1. What is the Deployment Service?

It is often necessary to deploy/upload files stored in a PureCM stream onto a server which cannot have the PureCM client installed.

For example, if you develop a website using PureCM then each developers will typically have a private workspace to make their changes. The usual way of uploading these changes to the server would be to create a workspace on the server machine and 'Update to Latest'.

However, it is often not practical to have the PureCM client installed on the server machine for security reasons. There is also the problem of how to trigger the 'Update to Latest'. This can involve a manager having to logon to the server machine and doing a manual 'Update to Latest'. This has further security implications and is also time consuming.

The 'Deployment Service' is a Windows service which runs on any machine that can connect to the PureCM Server. The first time it is run it will create a local workspace for the specified stream and ftp/sftp all the files to an ftp site. The Deployment Service will then listen for submits to the PureCM Server. Whenever a changeset is submitted it will update its local workspace and upload the relevant files to the ftp site.

So in the example above you would install an ftp server on your web-server and create an ftp site for your website.

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