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4.4. Configuring the Deployment Server

To configure the PureCM Deployment Service you need to edit the 'PureCMDeployment.xml' file which has been installed to the location you specified in the installer. For convenience you can select 'All Programs | PureCM Deployment Service | Configure Deployment' from the Start menu to open this file in your default xml editor.

The elements of the xml (PureCMDeployment.xml) are described below. An example file is attached for you to download.


This is where you specify the PureCM Server details. Note that the Deployment Service can only deploy streams from one PureCM Server. If you need to deploy streams from multiple PureCM Servers then you will need to install multiple PureCM Deployment Services.

Attribute Description


Name or IP address of the PureCM server


Port number of PureCM server


Username of PureCM server


Password of PureCM server



This is where you specify the PureCM stream and the FTP details for the upload. You can upload multiple streams to different ftp sites by creating multiple links. Each stream will have its own workspace.

Attribute Description


The PureCM repository name


The PureCM stream name 


The local path where a workspace will be created


Name or IP address of the ftp server

  ftp_type   'ftp' or 'sftp'
  ftp_path   The path in the ftp site to upload. If blank then the files will be uploaded to the root.
  ftp_port   The port which the ftp server is using
  ftp_username   An ftp user which has write access to the ftp site
  ftp_password   The password for the ftp user
  ftp_passive   Whether to use active ftp ('false') or passive ftp ('true')

  When this is 'true' all the files in the workspace will be uploaded to the ftp site on startup. This is useful as a one off if the ftp files have been changed outside of PureCM.



When setting up the Deployment Service it is useful to get lots of deugging information about how the Deployment Service is working.

Attribute Description


Specify 'debug', 'info', 'warning', 'error' or 'none'. 'debug' provides the most logging information.


Optionally specify a file where all logging information will be recorded. 


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