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5.5. Clearing the 'Workspace Change' table

The 'Workspace Change' table contains all the current changeset on the server (including reviews and shelvesets). The 'Workspace Change Item' table contains all the items for this table.

There have been situations where these tables has become inconsistent. In such situations the quickest fix is to clear them.


Before doing this we strongly recommend you make a backup of your PureCM database by stopping the server and taking a backup of the relevant files. If you use reviews then you should ensure that all reviews have been accepted before doing this. If you have any shelveset which you need then you should unshelve them into a temporary workspace so you can reshelve them after. This will remove all locks.


To clear these table you need to import the empty tables. To do this open a command prompt and run:

tdbutil import clean_workspace_changes.xml r_[repos_name]

e.g. tdbutil import clean_workspace_changes.xml r_Example. The file 'clean_workspace_changes.xml' is attached.

After doing this you need to delete your log files (c:\purecm\data\*.tlf , c:\purecm\data\*.tpf , c:\purecm\logs\*).

On restarting the server you should see that the all the current changesets have been deleted if you navigate to the streams in the GUI. If you open a workspace the old locks will still appear. To synchronise the workspace with the server you need to right-click the workspace and select 'All Tasks | Refresh Status'.


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