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4.2. Getting a Web Site from PureCM

This article was written using Visual Studio 2008, but the same should apply for previous versions.

In Visual Studio select the 'File | Open | Web Site...' menu.

This will launch the 'Open Web Site' dialog. If you select 'Source Control' on the left-hand side you should see the 'Select Source Control Project...' button.

Select this button to launch the 'Get From PureCM' dialog. From here you can select the stream/stream folder where the web site is located in PureCM and the path where it is going to be stored on your local machine.

After selecting 'OK' and then 'Open' in the 'Open Web Site' dialog the files will be downloaded into the specified folder. The website will then be added to your solution.

You will notice that the files appear with a padlock icon, to illustrate that they are controlled by PureCM.

All the PureCM file operations are now available if you right-click a file.

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