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1.1. What is the Visual Studio Enhanced plugin?

From 2009-2 we introduce a purpose built plug-in specifically designed for PureCM to integrate seamlessly into Visual Studio.  The overall aim is to provide your workspace perspective from inside Visual Studio.
The Main Features ..

No more binding solutions to streams. The new plug-in now works on a workspace level. It knows if your solution is inside a workspace and uses this workspace to access the server.
Simple interface to add your solution to PureCM. If you have a workspace already just copy your files inside and press the 'Add to PureCM' button. If you don't have a stream yet, the same button will give you a simple two page wizard that will create you a stream on the server, a workspace on your client and add your files in a single operation.
Simple way to get your solutions. Get from PureCM offers the familiar workspace create wizard, but will let you select which solution you wish to use on the server before you create your private workspace. This will then create a workspace with the solution in the root folder.

PureCM toolbar. All of your common operations will be accessible from a toolbar inside Visual Studio.

Embedded panel windows. You can open up tabs inside visual studio to make it like the PureCM workspace perspective. These include the changesets tab to view and manage the changesets in your workspace. The Explorer tab to allow you to see and manage files from their structure on disk. And also the event log so you can keep track of what is happening.

Important Note
Microsoft only supports custom 3rd party tool integrations for Visual Studio 2005 or newer:
Users of older Visual Studio versions can obviously still use the SCC integration to integrate PureCM.

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