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1.2. SMF and Service Control

PureCM Server on Solaris uses the SMF framework to allow administration of the service.  This is Sun's effective replacement for the 'init.d scripts' familiar from other Unix variants.

The PureCM Server installation package installs the following files that are related to the SMF functionality :-



The XML file is the SMF 'Manifest' and essentially describes how the service works and should be started/stopped.  During package installation, the following command is executed :-

# svccfg import /opt/purecm-server/scripts/purecm-server-smf.xml

Which imports the PureCM Service information into the SMF repository.  Within SMF, PureCM Service is referred to as

application/database/purecm or svc:/application/database/purecm

The installer will also copy the 'control' (startup/shutdown script) into /lib/svc/method/purecm.  This is used by the SMF framework whenever PureCM Service needs to be started or stopped.

Getting Service Status

# svcs -x purecm

svc:/application/database/purecm:default (PureCM Server)
 State: online since Wed Sep 16 10:19:27 2009
   See: /var/svc/log/application-database-purecm:default.log
Impact: None.

# svcs -p purecm

STATE          STIME    FMRI
online         10:19:27 svc:/application/database/purecm:default
               10:19:27     2479 purecm-daemon

Enabling the Service

# svcadm enable application/database/purecm

Disabling the Service

# svcadm disable application/database/purecm

Get service out of maintenance mode after a problem

# svcadm clear application/database/purecm


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