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5.9. Can I merge multiple changesets as a single changeset?

Yes. You have always been able to do this with workspace merge:

With the 2009/2 release we also introduced the ability to merge multiple changesets directly on the server - without needing a workspace.

Simply go to a stream's 'Submitted Changesets', select the changes you want to merge and select 'Merge Changes To'. You will then be asked if you want to preview the changeset. If you do not preview the merge then PureCM will merge each changeset individually. If you select to preview the merge then all the changesets will be grouped together as one changeset which you will preview and potentially resolve any conflicts.

Alternatively you can right-click the destination stream and select 'Merge Changes'. This will prompt for the source stream and then allow you select one or more changeset. The same as before this will ask whether you want to preview the merge. If you do not preview the merge then each changeset will be merged individually. If you preview the merge then the preview will contain all the changes as one.

A final way of performing this is with merge paths. You can select 'Pending Changesets' or 'Unmerged Changesets'. This will follow the same logic where you should preview the merge if you want it to bulk merge the changesets.

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