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5.3. The PureCM service is not being removed on uninstall

It is a known issue that if you have the Windows 'Administrative Tools | Services' window open then the PureCM Server will not uninstall properly. This is a common Windows issue because the Services window keeps a handle on all running services.

The solution is to close the Services window before uninstalling.

Another potential problem can occur if one of the PureCM dlls has been registered as a shared dll. In the Registry Editor check the 'HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/SharedDLLs' key does not contain any values which reference a PureCM file. You can safely remove any values which do.

If you are still having problems then please run 'purecm-server-win32-[version].exe /uninstall /log log.txt' in a command line and send the log to support@purecm.com.

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