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8.2. Fixing the workspace database

There have been times when the workspace database has become inconsistent with the server database - and therefore unusable. Prior to the 2009/2 release, if this happened you would need to delete your existing workspace (without deleting the files) and create a new workspace over the top of your existing files. You can then run 'Check Consistency' to pick up any changes you had made in the workspace. The problem with this is that it can be very slow.

2009/2 introduced the 'All Tasks | Fix Workspace' menu. What this does is to recreate you workspace database, which will be very quick. You then need to run 'Update to Latest' which will update your workspace with the latest files and check all files out. You can then run 'Revert Unchanged Files' to identiy which files you were working on in the workspace. This is much quicker because it only downloads the files which have changed.

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